Understanding Offshore Outsourcing

Understanding Offshore Outsourcing
Outsourcing of Accounting and Finance functions in Accounting firms started in the 90s with the big 4 who had the capital to invest in their own back offices. Over the years, third party service providers - such as Obox Solution - were formed in South Asia to provide this service to other smaller Accounting firms in the developed world. By the mid 2000s, the smaller firms started to catch on to the idea which had made the top companies tremendously efficient in their operations. Now, even small firms with 0 – 20 employees are thriving with the use of offshore outsourcing.
  • Direct Cost Save
    Save as much as 60% with Virtual Employees delivering at least the same quality of work.
  • Employee Handling
    Let the outsourcing providers attend to employee-handling issues. You are now a service user as opposed to an employer. It’s not your job to manage and motivate, but rather, to demand results only.
  • Kickstarter
    For those who are not ready to hire internally, offshoring is the journey that will allow you to do so.
  • Capital Cost Saving
    Save on extra office space, payroll expenses, laptops, furniture and increased utilities. This is one service that comes with hidden savings!

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