3 Ways to Become an Authority in the Accounting Industry

3 Ways to Become an Authority in the Accounting Industry

3 Ways to Become an Authority in the Accounting Industry

The best way to keep winning potential clients is to position yourself as a trusted expert in your field. Small businesses looking for an accounting service have many to choose from. It is important that you make your practice stand out and remove doubt from potential clients’ minds about the quality of your services. Here are a few ways to establish yourself or your business as an ‘authority’ in your industry:

Blogging and Podcasting

Blogging and Podcasting allow you to connect with potential clients, bring attention to your practice and generate quality leads through your web page. Focus on what your clients want or need and share your expertise as posts to help them run their business more efficiently. Figure out which community potential clients are part of online and choose the right channels to share these posts accordingly. In terms of getting people’s attention, podcasts are easier to consume and can be an effective tool to build your brand and interact with the audience.

Leaving a ‘lead magnet’, like an instruction PDF or free consultation if they give their email, at the end of each post is a great way to get quality leads.

Media Outlets

When done correctly, PR activities done in collaboration with media companies that report about your industry can help you get more exposure for your firm or you in front of a larger audience. Giving interviews offline & online, being mentioned in relevant articles, or getting your own article published through a media outlet that is popular amongst your target demographic can help you develop trust and recognition among prospective clients. Your goal here is to boost your credibility as a thought leader so you can fuel your business growth.

Speaking Gigs

Speaking at industry events or conferences will provide you more visibility in front of an audience you might not have had access to otherwise. Being invited to participate as a public speaker at an occasion that brings together prospective clients and fellow industry mates is an effective way to get you recognized as important figure within your niche. Do your research of events that are important to your audience and get yourself ‘invited’ by applying as a speaker. When being considered, your chances of landing such an opportunity will be high if you have something of ‘value’ to speak about.

Alternatively, you could create your own event and invite your target to a webinar hosted with a strategic partner or live video to answer questions relevant to your audience and the industry.

Remember, no matter which medium you choose to build your brand, keep your audience in mind and put forth information that is relevant and helpful to them.

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