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Is Your Website a Lead Generation Engine?

Is Your Website a Lead Generation Engine?

When designing your accounting business’s website, your biggest priority should be to create an experience for visitors that persuades them to take action towards connecting with you. Start with analysing all ways your clients can best contact you. Depending on your setup, it may be over the phone, via email and/or through booking a free consultation using a video conferencing tool.

To ensure that your website is a lead generation machine, do an audit to see if the following elements are present in your website:

  • Make your contact information visible:

Make sure that your phone number or email is easy to find on your website. If it’s just a part of the ‘footer’ (section at the bottom of each page), and you’re expecting potential clients to scroll down on the page and find it, you may lose their interest in the process. The impulse visitors feel to reach out to you is fleeting. Make your information readily available.

  • Use content marketing and offer downloadable content:

In order to grab the attention of your website’s audience, it’s important to have 80% of the content be purely helpful for them and 20% be intended to promote your services. Ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, checklists, guides are a few of many ways you can provide visitors helpful knowledge. A call-to-action button that allows them to download this valuable content by providing their email will help you grow your email list of potential clients in the industry.

Once you have a list of people who submitted their emails to have content delivered to their inboxes, you can reach out to them individually or target them through an email newsletter.

Make this content full of infographics and visual designs so they are easy to read and fun for the audience.

  • Have forms with call-to-action buttons on every page.

Think of a contact form with a strong call-to-action button that explains your value proposition as a window that allows potential clients to connect with you. The more windows you have on your website, the greater the number of people that will possibly submit their information. That is not to say that these forms and call-to-action buttons should take up a lot of space on a single page. Having too many call-to-action buttons will be confusing for clients. Moreover, one form per page is enough for you to leave space to include information about what you offer and how you make clients happy.

You can also measure the performance of each form or call-to-action button to analyze what content or page is drawing the most attention and persuading visitors to submit their information to connect with you.

  • Offer free trials

Putting information about a free trial in a section on your website will alleviate all doubt potential clients may have in trying your services. Put a clear call-to-action button in this section for them to get in touch with you specifically in regards to this offer.

  • Share Testimonials

It is no secret that testimonials are social proof that is extremely effective in convincing customers to try a product or service.. Put a call-to-action button next to testimonials for potential clients to connect as soon as they are convinced of your impact on happy clients showcased in reviews. Remember to make this section visually appealing by adding pictures or icons. Be sure to include reviews of people with the same characteristics and demographics as your target market.

  • Link Social Media

You want to make it easy for potential clients to reach you from different channels and digital presences you have on various social media. Conversely, you also want website visitors to find you on these social networking sites so they can follow you and engage with your social media content through discussions, likes and comments. This link will increase the virality of your online presence and help you build authority among the audience that you capture.


Once you start getting more client leads your next worry will become capacity. Will you be able to service all these new clients. Every entrepreneur knows this is a good problem to have and Obox can help you build this capacity in the most cost-efficient way.

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