How Obox Accountants are Trained

How Obox Accountants are Trained

Since the inception of Obox Solution, our management has made it their top priority to understand client needs and meet their expectations. To best address their needs, we has meticulously built recruitment programs to hire and train accounting graduates and ACCAs. We train our accounting personnel to prepare them to be junior, mid or senior level accountants so clients can virtually work with the accountant that has the skill level and hourly rate that best fits their business needs.

Following are the list of tasks each level of accountant is an expert of:


Following are the different stages of the training processes that accounting graduates go through to first be hired at Obox as Junior-Level-Obox-Accountants and then graduate to Mid-Level-Obox-Accountants and finally to Senior-Level-Obox-Accountant.


In this stage, ACCAs and accounting graduates go through an effective communications training course and attend classes that improve quantitative skills, logical reasoning and verbal competency. After 5 weeks of rigorous and comprehensive preparation, all candidates at this stage are tested on their basic accounting knowledge, communication skills, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning.

Those with top scores are hired to be trained as Junior-Level-Obox-Accountants in stage 2.


This stage of training focuses on training candidates in regional accounting knowledge, sales tax, bookkeeping and accounting application. Moreover, candidates learn time management and more communication skills.

After 5 months of training, candidates go through rigorous testing of accounting expertise and soft skills developed during this stage.

Candidates with top scores are deployed as Junior-Level-Obox-Accountants.


After successful completion of 6 month – 1 year deployment as Junior-Level-Obox-Accountant, a performance review is conducted involving feedback from clients. Those that attain positive reviews from clients and their managers are promoted to Mid-Level-Obox-Accountants.


At this stage, training on year-end-tax and advanced accounting is initiated. Whenever Mid-Level-Obox-Accountants feel prepared (usually in a year), they are tested on regional-year-end accounting expertise before being promoted to Senior-Level-Obox-Accountants. The promotion to Senior Level may take upto 3 years as the accountants at this stage are already working full time with a designated client accounting firm. In most cases, the transition from mid to senior level is based on agreed plan with the relevant client accounting firm. This transition from mid to senior allows the Obox accountant to continue to serve the client firm and directly use the growth in skill set to the benefit of the client firm.


We are committed to meticulous preparation and testing at each stage. The training process may be longer or shorter for candidates than the one described above depending on their aptitude and performance on tests in all stages.

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