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Quickbooks Online VS Xero

Quickbooks Online VS Xero

We tapped into the knowledge of 60 accountants and top management at Obox Solution to learn how the two leading accounting software compare.

Here are our CEO’s thoughts on how the combined market share of Quickbooks Online and Xero is impacting the accounting software space:

Obox Accounting was formed in June 2009 with the intention to provide a combination of competitiveness and quality to accounting firms across the globe. In its brief history, Obox Accounting has grown its client base in 4 major regions: Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

We asked 60 Obox accountants which accounting software is more popular among clients in which region.


Accounting practices make many important decisions for their clients’ finances. One of the most important strategic decisions, that determines how simplified their client’s financial processes will be, is choosing the right accounting software.

With years of experience of both software, our accountants are intimately familiar with the financial and operational priorities of accounting firms and their clients. We leveraged their insights to define key differences between the two major players in the accounting software space. Here’s what we found:


Lastly, we conducted a poll to gather information on preferences of accounting professionals. We asked 60 accountants and bookkeepers to choose the better accounting software in 8 features. Lets see which software look the lead in each category:








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