How the service works

Book a consultation

Through our website, you provide 3-time slots (date and time) that are convenient for you for a 30 min consultation over the phone.

During this call, top management will advise you on the service plan (ad hoc, part-time or full time) and experience level of accountants that you require depending on your scope of work.


Introductory call with offshore team

Our offshore team, including the Practice Manager and Client Manager, will help you sign up to a service plan. You can expect a discussion on next steps, jobs offered during the trial period and your preferred software and SOPs.

Once you’ve signed up to one of our service plans, our accountants will work for you live, British Standard Time, in the same style and manner as an in-house accountant would.


Clients’ shares data with virtual accountants

Clients’ share data with virtual accountants through any of the following channels:


Support Software

With software programs, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Onedrive, clients can place scanned or PDF copies of files on the cloud and give virtual accountants access at the location without the need to download anything.

The Obox Portal

Obox Solution has launched its own secure portal that allows clients to exchange files directly with their virtual accountants.

Cloud Data Management Software

Software programs, such as Hubdoc, Receipt Bank or Expensify allow accountants to receive documents from clients through cloud and get automated access to bank statements through online banking. Clients can provide access to virtual accountants using the Obox email or their own email server.

Remote Desktop Application Access

Virtual accountants can log in remotely to a desktop in the client’s office or a third party server provider that the client uses. This allows virtual accountants to work without any data being transferred.

Virtual accountant is given Accounting Software Access

  • Cloud Accounting Software

    Cloud accounting software can be accessed through a simple login set up for the virtual accountants.

  • Desktop Accounting Software

    Back-up files of desktop accounting software can be shared between the client and virtual accountants through “The Obox Portal” or “Support Software.” Alternatively, the desktop software can also be accessed directly through a “Remote Desktop Application” at the client’s office, which would mean the bookkeeping is performed on-premises.

Ongoing throughout the deployment of Obox virtual accountant:
Communication & Query Handling

Communication occurs through the following channels:

  • Communication Software

    Clients can communicate with virtual accountants live via communication software such as Skype, Slack, and Teams and management software such as Jetpack and WorkflowMax. If preferred, clients may manage communication via emails. Most importantly, queries are maintained on the accounting software as well.

  • The Obox Portal

    The Obox Portal allows all communication between the client and virtual accountant live through the web portal and/or a mobile application.

Deliverables to the client



Full Cycle Bookkeeping Bank Reconciliation Bookkeeping “Clean Up” jobs AR/AP handling Query reporting & handling Bookkeepers annual review.

VAT Returns

Monthly/Quarterly VAT review and return preparations.

Year End Accounts

Reviewing Nominal ledger & Trial Balance Year-end accounts adjustments Reconciliations Capital gains calculation Working papers preparation.


Payroll through cloud software Generating payslips Month and year end reporting Employee data administration Tax year end processing.

Management Accounts

Custom Management Reports KPI reports MIS Reports Budgets preparation Cashflow reports Advisory Reports.

Specialised Consulting Services

Transforming Finance Functions of an organisation.

Measuring Productivity of the virtual accountant

Virtual accountants log timesheets to clock hours either through (an Intuit Quickbooks owned timesheets software) or through the Obox Portal. The automated timesheets allow clients to gauge exactly how much time and money is being spent on each job through the timesheet reports.

At Obox Solution, we let clients closely monitor productivity and even allow requests to reduce job hours where clients feel too much time has been spent.